Neurofeedback Solutions

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Welcome to Neurofeedback Solutions, your local source for NeurOptimal® neurofeedback; the cutting edge technology for peak performance, emotional self-regulation and brain optimization.

NeurOptimal® is an EEG Biofeedback system that works with each individual’s central nervous system to bring it to its highest level of emotional and cognitive functioning. The training itself is simple, safe, non-invasive and effortless on the part of the user. All of the complexity is contained in the system itself, as it monitors your brainwaves and sends an auditory signal back to the brain prompting it to adjust as needed. It’s like holding a mirror up to the brain!  Just as we make adjustments to our appearance when in front of a mirror, the brain makes adjustments to function more efficiently.  Session by session your central nervous system is learning new and improved ways of operating by making the best use of your neural resources. The result is a better you; more centered, focused and creative, less reactive, anxious and negative.  Continue browsing this site for more information on specific ways in which NeurOptimal neurofeedback can help you.

mountain-silhouette-in-the-sunrise-1711Join the millions of neurofeedback users who enjoy the benefits of reduced stress, improved sleep, and relief from conditions that used to hold them back from being their best selves.