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What happens in a session?

Neurofeedback sessions are about one hour.  For the training l attach 5 sensors to your ears(3) and scalp(2) using a water soluble conductive paste.  While you are seated or lying on my couch, these sensors read the moment-to-moment shifts in your brainwave activity (EEG) and feed that information into the software.  The software analyses your brainwave activity and supplies auditory feedback through the relaxing music playing softly through ear-buds or speakers.  This is the actual training and lasts 33 minutes, during which you need not "do" anything.   My clients all find the process very relaxing and those who are sleep deprived tend to doze off.

How will I know if NF is working?

While neurofeedback using NeurOptimal® leads to big changes, it often does so in a subtle and gradual way.  Before you begin the training we will discuss your particular concerns and what you want to gain from using NeurOptimal®.  Then, together, as training progresses we look for what is different in the realms of emotions, thoughts and behaviors,  As your trainer, I try to help you to be aware of differences as you go through your day to day life.  For instance, you may be less reactive to things that once irritated, angered or frightened you.  You may notice that chronic pain is less intrusive or that negative thinking has diminished.  Many people experience more clarity and focus; more joy and enthusiasm.  Sleep is often the first thing to change when using NeurOptimal® and more restful sleep is essential for optimal functioning on every level. As you may imagine all of these changes invariably lead to a happier and more fulfilling life; a life in which you can evolve and grow in the way that you choose.

Do you work with children?

Children of any age are excellent candidates for NO brain training.  We see wonderful results for improving focus and attention, reducing anxiety, improving sleep and eliminating behavioral problems. I can work with a child or adolescent as long as they can sit for the time it takes to run a session and they can listen to the music that is part of the NO program.   To keep children of any age sitting in one spot for the time it takes to run the training session (about 35 minutes) they can use their own tablet or laptop to watch a movie or play a game; they can read a book or draw; they can switch between these activities.

For more information on how Neurofeedback helps children I recommend "Healing Young Brains: The Neurofeedback Solution", by Robert W. Hill, Ph.D and Eduardo Castro MD