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TestimonialsĀ build trust. Whether your customers are raving about what your product has done for them or about the great service you gave, they’re telling your visitors first and foremost that they had a positive experience with your products and company.

These testimonials are from satisfied clients who have had success addressing issues using neurofeedback with stress, insomnia, and other conditions that other solutions have failed to successfully address.


Testimonials from our satisfied clients speak for themselves


Fascinating and helpful

I’ve been working with Elyse and Neurofeedback a little over a month now. Not only has my sleep improved but I’m stress free for hours after the treatment.The way it works fascinates me, and I’d recommend it to anyone for the list of issues it can help.

Marisa C

Big Changes

Training with Neuroptimal has made me a calmer, less reactive, more focused, and happier person. Elyse’s office feels like a sanctuary and I look forward to my weekly sessions. My mood is more stable and upbeat. I highly recommend brain training with Elyse.

Katherine L. R.

Helped with insomnia

Elyse and neurofeedback helped me with my insomnia. The process is painless and quite relaxing. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is having trouble sleeping.

Rich C